• Dear Worsham Students:

    Worsham College 2019 Service Project: Kenya Embalming Education Fund. Help support Dominick Astorino go to Kenya to establish a standard of care of embalming and handling remains. Dominick Astorino is on the faculty at Wayne State where he oversees the lecture and laboratory of all the restorative art courses. We are helping him to reach his goal of $15,000. Right now he is at about $13,000. The money raised will help him to bring all the supplies necessary to teach the funeral service workers. He has already encountered many challenges. The lack of proper chemicals, PPE, vaccinations and has even had to have a new embalming machine created due to the lack of reliable electricity. Dominick is beyond grateful for any contribution that Worsham College can provide. Right now no other college has supported his project. Additionally, he has had to take his vacation time to make this project happen. We are very excited to show what it means to be colleagues not competitors.

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