Restorative Art: Foundation & Practice – 2020


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Author: John B. Fritch, Ph.D.

Published 2020 – 274 pages

The required textbook for online Restorative Arts courses

Unit 1 – Introduction to Restorative Art
Chapter 1: Introduction to Restorative Art
Chapter 2: Professional Instruments & Necessary Supplies
Chapter 3: Modeling Techniques & the Art of Facial Reconstruction

Unit 2 – Elements of Human Form
Chapter 4: Skeletal Anatomy and Restorative Art
Chapter 5: Muscular Anatomy and Restorative Art
Chapter 6: Subcutaneous Tissues, Integument, and Facial Markings
Chapter 7: Value and Interpretation of Photographs, Facial Proportions, Facial Profiles, Facial Shapes, & The Bilateral Appearance of Facial Features

Unit 3 – Understanding Specific Features and Associated Restorative Techniques
Chapter 8: Facial Features and Associated Restorations
Chapter 9: Hair and Hair Restorations

Unit 4 – General Restorative Treatments
Chapter 10: General Restorative Treatments
Chapter 11: Sutures

Unit 5 – Color Theory and Mortuary Cosmetology
Chapter 12: Color Theory
Chapter 13: Mortuary Cosmetology

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