Pathology And Microbiology For Mortuary Science


Required Textbook for On Campus Courses:
BIOL 330 Microbiology I
BIOL 350 Microbiology II
BIOL 430 Microbiology III
BIOL 450 Microbiology IV
BIOL 365 Pathology I
BIOL 465 Pathology II
BIOL 475 Pathology III

Required Textbook for Online Course:
SCI 115 – Microbiology/Pathology

New Condition

Pathology and Microbiology for Mortuary Science is a comprehensive book for the study of pathology and microbiology written for mortuary science students, as a resource for educators, and as a reference for funeral directors and embalmers.

The book is designed around the current American Board of Funeral Service Education’s Curriculum Outlines for pathology and microbiology.

Quick reference appendices provide a review of pertinent anatomy and physiology.

Case studies in chapters that discuss specific diseases allow learners to review the postmortem condition of human remains in relation to the disease.

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